About Me

Hello, I am Dipu, a software engineer based in India. I have my main interest and focus on web technologies. I love to work with PHP and C#.net. Out of this love my passion has evolved to JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. Hence the creation of jQuery plugins Smart Wizard, Smart Cart and Smart Tab became inevitable. I have also work on WPF and Node JS projects. I am a constant contributor to the open source world with my little projects showcased on techlaboratory.net and many more at my digital garage. I belive that sharing knowledge is a greatest thing and so I am an active member of question and answer platform StackOverflow.
Read more about my studies, work and contributions at Stack Overflow Developer Story.

That's something about the technical part of me. Yes! of course, I live my life too.
In my life!, I love to...

travel and meet new people, know different culture. I have a lot good memories from my travels. Also it is the best escape for me to break the stress and get relaxed. My traveller friend once told me:

"The world is awesome, know it as much as you can"

listen music, I am open to all kind of music, but have a few personal preference too and it changes from time to time. So its hard to list my personal favorites. Once my rocker friend told me this:

"Music is a drug that can control your emotions"

read books, I would say I am selective and slow reader. Read only what my friends suggest me and take many days than usual to complete a book. I read fictions and non-fictions including novels, stories, magazines, articles and comics too. My bookworm friend always says:

"Reading is, traveling to another world with no cost"

watch movies, I would never say no to another language films and the list goes on like Indian, English, Korean, Latin, French, Spanish...


a small list of projects from my personal creations

  • Smart Wizard

    An awesome jQuery step wizard plugin with Bootstrap support.

  • Smart Cart

    A flexible and feature rich jQuery plug-in for shopping cart.

  • Smart Tab

    A flexible jQuery Tab Control plug-in.

  • Smart Grid

    A simple PHP datagrid control for CodeIgniter framework with Bootstrap.

  • TechLaboratory.net

    It is a website that intended for distributing and show casing my projects absolutely free and open.

  • JSPlanet.net

    Listing site for hand picked JavaScript projects.

  • DipuRaj.me

    This is my personal website that you see now.

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